Namie Amuro New Commercial


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Namie Amuro released her new commercial with Kose with the upcoming song for her new single “Go Round”! I’m so excited for this and the song sounds so frecking cute. All I know is she better come out with a better music video then Love Story because honestly her videos are getting kind of dry. As one of her BIGGEST FANS IN THE WORLD!, I’m hoping she can give me a little more.

Ayumi To release new album


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So Ayumi, the diva of J-pop is releasing yet another album entitled “Party Queen” to be released March 21st. Now I’m not trying to be negative already but really, Party Queen? I’m just wondering what this will sound like. What I really want to see is Ayumi to take a little break because that will be much needed. Five was just okay for me but, it definitely was no Memorial Address. Will you be buying her album? What are your thoughts?

Namie Amuro-Fight Together


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Once again Namie managed to bring out the guns with the new One Piece opening theme. I absolutely adore this song and it’s refreshing to hear something different than her latest techno-pop style. Supposedly this is one of three songs for her next singly which I believe comes out July. Check it out!

Artist Spotlight: Samantha James~My new obsession


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So it’s been quite a while since my last post. A lot has been going on in my life and in all honesty, I just didn’t have any inspiration to post anything anymore. And if anything the only current Japanese music I listen to is Namie Amuro and Koda Kumi. But that’s besides the point. So after a long hiatus my busy life included going on YouTube for countless hours watching videos- mainly make-up videos; yep that’s right make-up tutorials. To be truthful I love make-up, all the different concepts and colors you can make, it’s just wonderful. One make-up guru I enjoyed watching was the legendary Michelle Phan. She is know for her sultry voice as well a creative and sometimes creepy make-up features. but what catched my eye, or in this case ears was the music she had. After watching a Valentine’s day video special I was allured with the sound of this song called “Rain” so I immeadiatley searched up the artist, which eventually led me to the one and only Samantha James (besides the character from the movie “Just Friends”)


To be honest with you, the L.A based artist isn’t really-well different. She is your average girl next door who obviously has a passion about music and writes sweet lyrics of love. But there is just something about James that keeps you coming for more. Mabye it’s her compelling synth of beats that produce the perfect mood of house music or her lyrics, which strangely always reach out to me. Or could it be the fact that she is average looking-like the rest of us. Somehow she is just so relatable, which in a way makes her one word, Amazing.

MOON/blossom covers


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Ayu’s new single covers are out!  Let’s see if there’s inprovement from her last few singles.And so here there are……….!

okay sorry im not feeling the hair =/

could her eyes be any more fake! grrrr!

now this is definately the best out of all of them!

What do you guys think? Single comes out July 14th.

Aitai Riyū/Dream After Dream (Yume Kara Sameta Yume)-AAA

* Why are  they sideways? Talk about plain and simple. =/

1.Aitai Riyū- Starting off with this single, Aitai Riyū,which is  basically a pop ballad. I’ve never really been into AAA that much but surprisingly I really like this song. Their vocals are pretty balanced and not too over the top. The arrangement is really nothing special or better yet different from what T.K. has done in the past. But I really like this song it’s mellow yet somwhat upbeat at the same time.

2. Dream After Dream- Now the second part of the single is more upbeat. It is a very fast paced song and consists of techno beats. The problem for me with this song is well… the girls.I mean their voices are just all over the place and they sound like their trying too hard which is very noticeable in the chorus mainly. Especially the one with the black hair(sorry I don’t know which one is which). Anyways other than that i like the song because it’s pretty catchy, just gets a little annoying sometimes but you just have to get use to it.

AAA impressed me a lot with this single. I usually don’t listen to a lot of J-pop groups, but they are definately one of the few that I look foward to listen to in the future. T.K. did a great job after the whole fraud case thingy 2 yrs back. Though it’s the typical single you would expect from him it is very upbeat and interesting.

Final Grade:

95%, A

Seventh Heaven(Album review)


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Kalafina’s Seventh Heaven is without a doubt an excellent piece of Japanese music and offers all there is to an outstanding debut album. From songs like “Love Come Down” with a rock-ish feel to it and the peaceful and beautiful “Fairytale”. It’s hard for me to find any flaws throughout the album except here and there some songs are hard to get use to like “Natsu no Ringo” and “ARIA” for example. Other than that all I can say is that this album is in no way just ordinary and the talented group of women did an outstanding job.    

5/5 *I definately recommend this album


So basically its been quite some time since i have reviewed anything.  I have just been going through some personal things with some STUPID boy but I am feeling much better and im back on track! So during the days when i was depressed i have kept my days occupied by indulging  in K-pop and old Japanese ballads from Ayu from the LOVEppears era, and boy did it help. Though it did not erase the pain I felt, it help me to mend. The one highlight through this period though, is getting into K-pop. My freind Sophavy LOVES Super junoir and covinced me into listenting to a few of their tracks, just a FEW. The groups that have really catch my eye is SHINee, 4minute, and brown eye girls. I heard a few K-pop songs I enjoyed here and there, but J-pop was really my main thing. But im so glad my friends have gotten me into this genre. 

So basically i really would like to start reviewing K-pop as well. I think this blog can use some new “pop” to it you know? Anywho I also will FINALLY get the Kalafina album review done. I will finish it tomorrow for sure! Anywyas I hope you guys will enjoy the new additions i will add on. BTW Drake’s new single Find Your Love is VERY VERY good, it’s my fav english song released so far.